' Miramar Vineyards - Wine Tasting & Visiting Policies

Wine Tasting & Visiting Policies

 Miramar Vineyards, located at 12255 New Avenue, San Martin, Visitor Policies 2020



At Miramar Vineyards we are proud of our beautiful grounds and warm hospitality; we are very grateful for your visit.  Please realize we are a working vineyard and winery.  Keep in mind we are a private establishment designed for adults and not a public park or playground.

The safety of our guests and employees is our first priority.  To ensure that your time with us is enjoyable, and to manage the many types of guests and groups who would like to visit us, we have the following practices and policies in place.

We ask all Miramar Vineyards guests to read and observe our Visiting Policies and Guidelines:



  • Tasting Room - Please check in at the Tasting Room prior to seating when you arrive so we can say hello and know that you are here.
  • Please remember to bring your ID. By Law, all guests who drink alcohol must be able to prove that they are at least 21 years of age.
  • The Patio, Lawn, and Bocce Area are for customers, and unless marked as "Reserved" are available on a first-come basis.
  • For the enjoyment of everyone, please leave the area clean, pick up around you, and throw away unused items.
  • Sorry, due to COVID restrictions, we cannot allow Bocce ball or other games right now. Bocce Ball Court - You can obtain a play set by leaving an ID at the register.  There is also a sign-up sheet for very busy days for our guest's convenience, so please do check to see if someone has already signed up for your desired time-slot. Please help keep our court in playing condition.  We ask that you do not allow your children to play with the bocce balls, bring in any additional balls, or use this area as a playground. 



  • Please enjoy our beautiful grounds when you visit.  In consideration of all guests, Wine Tasting Reservations are for a 1.5-hour time slot, unless arrangements are made with a member of Miramar's Staff.  Feel free to bring in and enjoy snacks during your wine tasting. Reservations are not required currently (as of October 2020).
  • Should you wish to make a reservation for up to 6 people (Sorry due to COVID restrictions, we cannot have groups of greater than 6 people on the patio gathering at any time). Please click on this link to select your preferred day and time and reserve a table: 

    Miramar Table Reservation

  • Sorry due to COVID restrictions, we cannot entertain individual groups of greater than 6 people at any time. 
  • For all details regarding our Reservations and Hosted Events Pricing and Policies, please see our Reservations and Hosted Events page.



  • Outside alcohol and beverages are not allowed at any time due to licensing and liability restrictions.  Please do not bring any wine, beer, or spirits that you did not purchase at Miramar Vineyards on the day of your visit.
  • If you prefer a beverage other than wine during your visit, Miramar offers a range of sodas, beer, and water available for purchase.



  • Sorry, we cannot allow pets at the winery or vineyards at this time. 



  • Please enjoy the beautiful views of our vineyard area from a distance.  We are a working farm.  Please reserve your enjoyment of our grounds to the patio areas and tasting room area.



  • COVID Update: Sorry we are are able to welcome those that are 21 years of age and older only at this time. 
  • We welcome children of all ages for wine tasting visits (1.5 hours) on the patio when they are closely attended by an adult responsible for their behavior and safety at all times.  For the safety of your children and the comfort of other guests, children may not run around the property or be unattended on the property.
  • No outside balls or big, loud or remote-control toys, and ensure that you prevent children from playing in the bocce court or using the area as a playground.
  • If this level of attention and behavior is not possible, we ask that you make arrangements to leave children at home.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
  • For more specifics regarding children and related policies for our Private and Semi-Private events, please see our Reservations and Hosted Events page.



  • Should you wish to make a reservation for up to 6 people (Sorry due to COVID restrictions, we cannot have groups of greater than 6 people on the patio at any time). Please click on this link to select your preferred day and time and reserve a table: 

    Miramar Table Reservation

  • For wine tasting groups with guest size of 20-40, there is a non-refundable deposit of $15 per person not for use toward additional purchases.  Again, this fee helps cover securing additional staff support.
  • Please note that our glassware is not complimentary with your tasting; please return it to a staff member when departing.



  • Due to limited seating and space, and as a service to our wine club members, we are able to take reservations for members-only, and for up to a maximum of 8 people on a first come first serve basis.
  • During live music events days, we will be offering wine by the bottle and by the glass.  We are unable to offer wine-tasting during these event days.
  • Children 15 years and older welcome.



  • Out of respect for our neighbors, we ask that our customers please not park across the street from our venue.  Instead, please follow the parking signs to take advantage of the available parking located on the property tucked around the patio and near vineyard area.  We request this action for the safety of our neighbors and patrons.


We have established these policies to help ensure a pleasant and safe experience for all our valued patrons.  Thank you in advance for observing these guidelines.  Policies are subject to change at Miramar Vineyard's discretion.