' Miramar Vineyards - Our Founder: Ed Castro

Our Founder: Ed Castro

Ever since Ed Castro’s first visit to his cousin’s vineyard in Napa Valley many years ago, he wanted to surround his home with vineyards. Little did he know back then that the Santa Clara Valley, where he would plant these grapevines, played an extremely important role California’s winemaking history. In fact, by the 1850s Santa Clara Valley had more acres of vineyards than any other county in the state.

Ed took the phrase “hand-cultivated vines” to heart and alone, or with the help of friends and family, planted every single vine over the past 12 years. Once his vines came into production, Ed designed a small winery on his property and hired winemaker Gary Robinson to handcraft the wines. Only around 200 cases of each wine are produced.

Soon Ed was building an expansive terrace so winery guests could enjoy the view over the Santa Clara Valley as they sipped Miramar wines. At first, Ed didn’t plan to give up his weekends to pour wines for tasting—he was tired from his day-job of managing his company—but soon found that he felt energized making the guests feel welcome and sharing his wines. So now you’ll find Ed happily out mingling just about every weekend the winery is open.